Cheering up society one brain tickling cover song at a time.
Brain Tickler Band's mission is to cheer up society through brain tickling cover songs of classic and not-so-classic hits.

Music is nourishment for the soul. Brain tickling music is next level soul food.

Tickle your brain in ways it's never been tickled before, re-energize your spirits, and join the fun!
Q: What is brain tickling?

A: Brain tickling is evoking in someone thoughts AND emotions that are both positive *AND* negative, analogous to how physical tickling is simultaneously pleasant *AND* unpleasant.

For example, I play cover songs in specific ways/styles (e.g., over-the-top, unhinged) to evoke these kinds of mixed-state emotions. My songs are also often chosen based on having lyrics with more substance/meaning ("meaningwave"-inspired). Sometimes, my set lists are even chosen based on a "hidden" theme, for even MORE brain tickling!

In these ways, brain tickling can happen MUSICALLY/AUDITORILY (through the performance style) and/or INTELLECTUALLY/COGNITIVELY (through the song/lyrics and/or set list of songs).

If interested in my musical services for your event, please contact me via email.

Brain Tickler Band
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
T4N 2B2